About Us

We are a professional and reliable home tuition service run by qualified teachers to ensure your child receives the best practice to support them in their academic achievements.

Our staff are trained so that they are confident in delivering the National Curriculum. This means we are capable of catering to different exam boards such as OCR, AQA and Edexcel.

Our home service equips your child with high quality individualised learning opportunities to support academic achievements in the comfort of their own home. Home tuition can be fundamental in enhancing your child’s confidence, providing academic support and/or preparations for coming exams. We arrange regular parent conferences to ensure that you are satisfied with our service. By working closely with you, we support your child’s growth through individualised learning schemes that are constantly renewed based off your child’s current needs. We tailor the curriculum to support core knowledge and their applied skills.

We combat the challenges your child may face in their education by taking a proactive approach and encouraging the balance between the mastery of new knowledge and the retention of old. This ensures your child is suitably stretched to reach their maximum potential and able to consolidate their learning.